The name Tremonte reflects the names of the mountains that directly influence our hillside vineyard; the Andes Mountains, the Coastal Mountains and the Mount Rekewa on which our vineyard is planted. However the name was also chosen to reflect three geographic origins; Chile, Canada and England.



Chile, home of our vineyard Estate, one of the World’s most beautiful and diverse countries which houses the driest desert on Earth, some of the highest mountains in the southern hemisphere, and millennium glaciers which end at the southernmost continental point on the planet before Antarctica. Chile is also home of our Manager of Administration, Paola Miranda Contreras, our Wine Maker Karina Contreras Donoso and our Vineyard Manager Romeo Hidalgo Venegas.


Canada, home of the Corporate Officers, President Silvio Di Gregorio, Secretary Bruno Di Gregorio, Vice President Giuseppe Giorgio, Treasurer John Simperl and Marketing Vice President Murray Walberg.


 Silvio and Bruno come from a familiar background where they grew up as young boys on their family’s vineyard in Italy. In Canada, they have founded and manage a major Highway Construction Company, numerous Commercial and Residential Development Companies and the World Class Whitewater Golf Course and residential community. However, their Italian roots would eventually take them back into the vineyard, only this time in Chile.

Giuseppe, an affable character known as “Pino” to his friends, also grew up surrounded by his family’s vineyards in Southern Italy. As a child his parents would drop him and his brother into large barrels to jump up and down on the grapes that the harvest women brought to them on their heads! Today, Pino owns and operates a construction business in Canada and experiments with growing grapes in his back yard throughout the very short summer season of his home near Lake Superior.

England, is the birthplace of shareholder, Ian Hutcheon. Ian arrived in South America in the mid 90’s and has worked in many areas of the wine industry in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. Ian lives just a few kilometers from the Tremonte Estate.

We also have a dedicated team of friendly and very professional vineyard personnel. The hilly nature of the Estate makes it more difficult to manage than other vineyards, but the team does a fantastic job in keeping the vineyard clean and in pristine condition for the grapes to thrive.