About Tremonte

Our boutique vineyard was planted on the steep slopes of Mount Rekewa. It is a very challenging property to manage resulting in very low fruit volume per acre and the rocky, precipitous hillsides make harvesting a feat apt only for the most careful pickers, both with hands and feet. The results of such a strenuous year long process can only be grapes of the highest quality. Nature would have it no other way! We don’t make it any easier in the winery, with only small tanks and hand selected French oak barrels used to process these wines, and the use of natural gravity taking pole position over the use of machinery to move our grapes and wines.

tremonte vineyards
mount rekewa

Our vision is to deliver wines to our consumer of the very highest quality that represent this meticulous work in the vineyard and the winery, with every bottle of wine having a very clear origin, right down to the individual vines from whence they came.