At Tremonte, we don’t like to leave a trace wherever we go, and we make our wines with the same respect for nature.

We have taken the following steps to help minimize our impact on the environment and reduce water and energy waste:

  • Our 100% drip system vineyard irrigation uses 10 times less water than conventional flood irrigation, and is much cleaner.
  • We do not use tanks with external cooling jacket systems. Our internal tank cooling coils use 4 times less energy than the external cooling jacket systems.
  • A new water treatment plant being installed this year will allow us to clean and reuse water on other areas of the property.
  • Our Barrel room makes use of thick adobe walls and heavy, used colonial tiles resulting in zero energy consumption to keep our wines cool during the aging process.
  • We use the new Eco-Bottle to help reduce the carbon footprint of our wines.