Wines Origin

The vineyard is nestled into the Mount Rekewa in the southern extreme of the Cachapoal Valley whose natural border here is the Cachapoal River. On the other side of the river is the Colchagua Valley.

The precipitous, rocky slopes (45° to 51°) of the Mount Rekewa provide the perfect terrain for the production of premium dark grapes. Our vineyard is watered totally by drip irrigation and is fed by the Rekewa River which is born from an Andean glacier. The afternoon summer breeze that sweeps off the Andes Mountains cools the vineyard providing slower grape maturation.

Why the phrase “A vineyard that touches the sky from roots embedded in a gold mine”?

Many years ago, Mount Rekewa was purchased by a geologist who opened up his gold mine here named Los Coipos. The mine, which is situated on the Tremonte Estate, was eventually abandoned and has been closed for the past 30 years. The vines that stem from here are some of the highest above sea level in Chile, so high in fact that sometimes in the winter months they can be lost in the clouds.